Arm, neck or back complaints are common and usually interconnected. You may experience this in the form of radiation pain since joints, muscles, and nerves connect the arms, back and shoulders. Pain in the lower or upper arm can be caused by overexertion during sports performance or just sitting incorrectly at your desk. We can tell you more about the causes of aches and pains in the arm and how physiotherapy can help.

or CANS (Complaints of Arms Neck and Shoulder)

RSI is a blanket term for frequent complaints that arise in arms, neck and shoulders. RSI occurs when the arms, neck, shoulders, wrists, or hands are overtaxed for extended periods; this can be due to intense fitness activities or incorrect posture. The symptoms are often experienced as inflammation, muscle tension and limitation of movement in the joints. The symptoms are often experienced as inflammation, muscle tension and limitation of movement in the joints.

RSI from mouse Arm

Mouse arm is a well-known injury and also falls under the umbrella of RSI. A mouse arm is caused by excessive computer and/or laptop usage. In 2020, lots of folks were forced to work at home, and ergonomic desks were swapped for dining room tables. Working in this fashion for a short period is not a problem, but having an incorrect sitting posture for more than a year can cause all sorts of issues, including a mouse arm.

A mouse arm injury can manifest in muscle fatigue, drowsiness, tingling or numbness in the arm or wrist, and sometimes even neck and back pain.

There are several treatments for mouse arm, and our physiotherapists are specialised in all of them; they will come up with a custom plan that suits your needs. And remember, an essential part of the treatment of mouse arm is mobility, muscle relaxation and resting the affected arm or wrist.


Treating arm complaints

Our physiotherapist will thoroughly investigate the cause and symptoms of your arm maladies and come up with a customised treatment plan. It is important, for example, to know how the complaints have arisen; this can be caused by prolonged bad posture or sustained stress but can also occur suddenly after a fall.

There is no fixed treatment for arm injuries, and it’s imperative to get to the source of the pain and set up an appropriate treatment plan. Our physiotherapists in Amsterdam specialise in manual therapy, dry needling, medical taping, sports rehabilitation and pilates.

Are you experiencing arm, back or neck pain? Schedule an appointment today. Our physiotherapists will be happy to help you resolve this once and for all.