We are a young, dynamic and growing team of passionate specialist. Vondelfysio is always looking for people who want to work at one of our locations.
Are you the one who already has a significant number of patients attached to you, who
follow you everywhere, and who is looking for a place to work independently (as a
freelancer)? Perhaps you are the one we are looking for, and is our practice the one you are looking for!

We’re also in search of of people who are working in health care and can offer a different specialty then physical therapy. Do you find working at Vondelgym/Ironhealth exciting but you’re not a physiotherapist? Inquire about the possibilities to rent a room at Vondelfysio. A prerequisite is that you work in the healthcare sector, complementing physiotherapy, and can support Vondelgym/Ironhealth clients in prevention or recovery.

Work as a physical therapist


  •  Enjoys entrepreneurship, can retain and build their patients
  •  Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy
  •  Has a minimum of 1 year of work experience
  •  Resides in (or near) Amsterdam.

Work complementing beside physical therapists


  • Works within the healthcare sector
  • Complements physiotherapy
  • Can support Vondelgym and Ironhealth clients in prevention or recovery.

Get in contact with VondelFysio


Complete the contact form and indicate if you are interested in working with us or would like to rent a room


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