Pilates Amsterdam

Pilates is a form of training in which breathing and movement forms are the basis. The movement forms ensure that flexibility, power and control are brought together. Pilates is based on the following 6 pillars:

  1. Concentration
  2. Control
  3. Centricity
  4. Smooth movements
  5. Precision
  6. Breathing

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Who is Pilates suitable for?

Anyone can and should participate in Pilates. The exercises are fully adapted to all ages and body conditions. At our pilates in Amsterdam, the teacher combines sports, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. With Pilates, the emphasis is on the core of the body, which prevents physical imbalance.

In addition to the sport element, Pilates also helps to bring balance between body and mind. Pilates helps many athletes recover or prevent injuries and achieve better performance.


Pilates in Amsterdam

Our Pilates teacher in Amsterdam is certified (level 6). In this authentic Pilates method, equipment is used and a structured and individualized series of exercises is offered to the client. This is in contrast to the widely used variants at many gyms in Europe. In order to work safely and especially efficiently, we only offer private and duet sessions, so no group lessons.