dry needling of
triggerpoint therapie

What is it?

Dry needling (also called trigger point therapy) is a technique that we regularly employ when you’re experiencing ‘knots’ (trigger points) in a muscle. Trigger points can be expressed in local pain and/or stiffness (possibly with radiance), limited mobility, waning strength in the affected muscle(s) and tingling in the arm/leg.

Triggerpoint treatment

During this treatment, the therapist uses a sterile needle to prick a trigger point in the muscle allowing the muscle to unclench almost immediately. Trigger point treatment enables us to focus on and pinpoint (haha!) the troublesome area (the knot,) which often leads to a much faster recovery than traditional techniques. You won’t feel the needle entering the muscle, but when a trigger point is reached, you’ll experience an involuntary reflex as the muscle unclenches; this feels a bit like a tiny electric shock. You’ll love it!

Afterwards, the muscle usually relaxes, and you’ll experience better freedom of movement straight away. Although the muscle can feel tired and heavy after the treatment, this doesn’t last long. Dry Needling isn’t a form of acupuncture and, although we use needles, nothing is injected into your muscles. Furthermore, at VondelFysio, we only allow physiotherapists who are specialised in Dry Needling to practice it.

If needed, we can also employ a new treatment method from Anatomy Trains®, which is proven to tackle myofascial problems.