Our rates

Below is an overview of our rates. These rates apply to a treatment that falls outside of your health insurance, that is to say, if you do not have supplementary insurance (‘aanvullende verzekering’ in Dutch) or if you have exceeded your maximum number of reimbursable treatments per year. If you are insured with a healthcare provider that we don’t have a contract with, you will need to declare the invoice yourself; you will then receive reimbursement in full or in part, depending on your coverage. You will receive your invoice in your inbox from Vondelfysio.

Screening, intake and analysis
€ 60.00
Intake and analysis after referral
€ 60.00
Physiotherapy session
€ 45.00
Manual therapy session
€ 55.00
Physiotherapy (extended session)
€ 90.00

This treatment takes 50 minutes.

Manual Therapy (extended session)
€ 110.00

This treatment takes 50 minutes.

Physiotherapy (short session)
€ 30.00

This treatment takes 15 minutes and is only possible after Screening, intake and analysis, or after referral.

Telephone session
€ 30.00
Surcharge for Home treatment
€ 15.00
Surcharge for treatment at work
€ 15.00

In the case of multiple patients that can be treated continuously on the same day at one location.

No-show psysiotherapy
€ 45.00
No-show manual therapy
€ 55.00

The above rates are our new rates that take effect if you don’t have any coverage for physiotherapy in your package from 01-01-2023. 

Contracts for 2024

Signed contracts 2024

  • DSW (including Stad Holland, InTwente)
  • ASR, (including de Amersfoortse, Ditzo)
  • ONVZ (Including PNO zorg, VvAA and jaaah.)
  • ACHMEA (Including Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Interpolis, De Friesland, Prolife, ZieZo and AON)

Not signed contracts 2024

  • Eucare (including Aevitae)
  • VGZ (including IZA, UMC, Unive (ZEKUR.nl) VGZ (bewuzt, IZZ, Promovendum, National
    academic and Besured)
  • CZ (including OHRA, Nationale Nederlanden, CZ Justcz and CZdirect)
  • Zorg en Zekerheid (inclusief AZVZ)
  • Eno (inclusief Salland, ZorgDirect)
  • MENZIS (Including Anderzorg en Hema)