Manual Therapy
in Amsterdam

Do you live in Amsterdam East, South or West? And are you looking for a manual therapist? We specialise in dealing with back and neck problems, headaches, radiation pain, and a bunch of other injuries.

What is manual therapy?

In manual therapy, the physiotherapist uses techniques like mobilization and manipulation to maximize mobility and minimize pain in your joints. Sometimes you hear an audible ‘crack,’ sometimes you don’t; a crack is fun but doesn’t necessarily mean that the manipulation is successful. A treatment program consists of much more than just manipulation; other vital components are general advice, coaching and insights into healthy posture and mobility. The goal of the manual therapist is always to radically reduce pain and discomfort as quickly as possible.

Difference with physiotherapy

A manual therapist is a physiotherapist who, after his physiotherapy program, has completed an additional 3-year Master’s degree in Manual Therapy. (I know, right? Who knew they have a Masters?) As a result, the manual therapist has further knowledge of the musculoskeletal system in general and of the spine in particular. The manual therapist is the specialist for neck and back complaints.

And don’t worry, in the Dutch health care system, only a certified manual therapist is allowed to manipulate patients.