Vondelfysio Newsletter 2024

The month of December – now is the time to check and adjust your health insurance!

December has arrived again. It’s the time to adjust your health insurance! We would like to inform you about the changes we are going to make in 2024.


Patient Record Transition
Behind the scenes, we have been busy with a renewal in the past months. As of January 1st, we will switch from Spotonmedics to Fysiomanager. What will you notice about this? We would like to explain. You were already accustomed to having your own portal with us, where you could make appointments online. The switch to Fysiomanager will make this system more efficient. For example: Need a short-term appointment, and it doesn’t matter with whom or at which location? Soon you will find that button on our website. At the end of this year, your file will move to the new EHR, which will happen safely and anonymously. This means that your “old” account will soon no longer exist, and you will need a new account from the beginning of next year. From that moment, everything will work as you are used to, and even better! If you have any questions about this, send an email to info@vondelfysio.nl

Health Insurance Choice
Every year, it’s quite a puzzle to choose the right health insurer. Not too expensive, good
coverage, and also a contract with your favorite physiotherapist. Quite a task! There are
various sites that make comparisons to help you make a suitable choice, often the price is
leading in comparison to what you get (physio, dental, etc). Every year, we also have to
decide which contracts we will sign and which not. We simply base our choices to sign a
contract on the following pillars: rate, sustainability, and administrative burden. We will
have a contract with the following health insurers in 2024:

Signed contracts for 2024
• DSW (including Stad Holland, InTwente)
• ASR (including De Amersfoortse, Ditzo)
• ONVZ (Including PNO care, VvAA, and jaaah.)
• ACHMEA (Including Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Interpolis, De Friesland, Prolife, ZieZo, and

If you have the above health insurer and an additional insurance with physio in your
package, your treatments at VondelFysio will be fully reimbursed! If you have chosen a
different health insurer and have physio in your package, (a part of) the practice rate will be reimbursed. Read carefully what conditions your health insurer sets to this, every year more is cut so your own contributions go up!

You are always welcome with us!
Of course, you can always come to us with physical complaints, even without a contract or physio in your package. We will then apply our practice rates.

If it doesn’t matter to you which health insurer you are connected with, choose one with
which we have a contract. When you do this in December, your new health insurer will
arrange the transfer!

A healthy and sporty 2024!
We hope that in 2024 we can all remain healthy and sporty, preferably with as few injuries as possible (and otherwise you know where to find us ;-))

Team VondelFysio